Sfi – a guide to your new country

Do you want to learn Swedish for free? Are you ready to move past "tack" and "hej"? Join our Swedish for immigrants (Sfi) program to get more than words and language. We'll teach you about society and working life too. Let us help you find the tools you need to be you.

What you get from Sfi:

  • Development of a functional second language.
  • Language-based tools to actively participate in daily life, society and work. 
  • A verbal and written communicative language ability.
  • Social orientation and knowledge about the Swedish job market.
  • An introduction to different study techniques.

Is Sfi right for you?

Sfi is designed for those who want to acquire fundamental knowledge of the Swedish language. Anyone 16 years of age or older who has received a Swedish personal identity number has a lawful right to free Sfi studies and can choose which school to attend.

Why choose Folkuniversitetet?

At Folkuniversitetet, a welcoming atmosphere characterizes our classrooms. Our professional, committed Sfi teachers work according to a clear approach based on:

  • Paying attention to the needs and development opportunities of each student.
  • Creating a tolerant, open and equal study environment that fosters learning.
  • Encouraging creative learning through modern technology and pedagogy.
  • Teaching in Swedish from the very start.  

Apply to Sfi today!

Sfi - Folkuniversitetet