Welcome to Lund SFI School

By studying SFI (Swedish for Immigrants) at Lund SFI School (Lund sfi-skola), you learn the Swedish language and gain valuable knowledge about culture and society in Sweden. The courses are adapted to your level and your years of education.

Welcome to Lund SFI School

You have the right to choose your SFI school. At Lund SFI School, you’ll gain lifelong knowledge and friends for life.

Why should I choose Lund SFI School?

All our teachers speak Swedish right from the start, and you train your language skills throughout the school day. We often work with digital methods, which is why it’s good if you have some computer skills.

Our teaching is individualized, which means you follow a custom study plan and have personal progress check-ins continuously. We follow the Swedish National Agency for Education’s syllabus for SFI.

What are the SFI study options at Lund SFI school?

There are four SFI study options at Lund SFI school. The study option you can take depends on various factors like your schedule, language level, years of education/previous studies, computer skills and more.

Kombo, daytime 15 hours per week (Stv3)

An extra flexible daytime study option combining at least 8h in-person classes with additional online studies. Suitable for participant with a minimum of 13 years of formal education. Computer and internet required.

Daytime, 15 hours per week (Stv2)

A daytime study option for those who have 7-12 years of formal education and need a more relaxed pace. We often use computers as aids, and it’s good if you have some computer skills or an interest in gaining computer literacy.

Evenings, 15 hours per week (Stv3)

For those who have at least 13 years of formal education and want to study SFI but have daytime obligations such as work or other studies.

We set high demands on attendance, and you’re expected to participate in two on-site classes per week, 17.30-19.30. In addition you will also use our online via an learning platform. 

Distance, 15 hours per week (Stv3)

For those who are very used to self-study and using digital learning platforms. Remote classes (2h/week). Internet, computer and few on-site meetings required.

Where is Lund SFI School?

Lund SFI School is located at Skomakaregatan 8 in Lund. 

Language café every Thursday

Every Thursday at 10-11.30 we have a language café in room 13 at Skomakaregatan 8. It is open to everyone: both for those who attend the school, and for those who want to know more about the school. At the language café, it is our students who lead the discussions, with the support of our teachers.

 Have a question?

Contact Gulla Ottosdottir
046-19 77 29


To apply for Lund SFI School, contact LundaVälkomsten. 


Eslövs folkhögskola is the principal of the courses, conducts all education and has the right to grade for SFI. Eslövs folkhögskola collaborate with Folkuniversitet on SFI, with well-educated teachers and modern premises.

Eslövs folkhögskola was founded in 1897 and Folkuniversitetet in 1942 and we draw on our well-established experience to meet society’s educational needs and give participants the best possible foundation.