Welcome to sfi Jönköping

By studying sfi (Swedish for Immigrants) at Folkuniversitetet in Jönköping you learn the Swedish language and gain valuable knowledge about daily life and work in Sweden. We know how you can take the fast track to work and other courses.

Welcome to Folkuniversitetet sfi-school Jönköping

Sfi at Folkuniversitetet 

All our teachers speak Swedish right from the start, and you train your language skills throughout the school day. Our teaching is individualized, which means you follow a custom study plan and have personal progress check-ins continuously. We follow the Swedish National Agency for Education’s syllabus for sfi.

After sfi you can continue to study at Folkuniversitetet. We have all the courses in Swedish as a second language in komvux and other subjects as Mathematics and English. Folkuniversitetet cooperate with the schools for vocational training and we help you if you want to choose a program where you combine sfi and vocational training.

The location of Folkuniversitetets sfi?

Folkuniversitetet is located on Huskvarnavägen 156. You get there by bus and line 4 stops next to the school. The building and classrooms are modern and light and perfectly adapted to education.


You can study during the day or the evening. Depending on your needs and situation of life you will have an individual schedule. 

More information and how to apply:

Utbildning i svenska för invandrare (sfi) - Jönköpings kommun (jonkoping.se)


E-mail: komvux.jonkoping@folkuniversitetet.se
Telephone:  036-290 64 20


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5296 resultat