Learn Swedish through SFI at Folkuniversitetet in Ronneby

Are you ready to learn Swedish and take steps into Swedish society? Then welcome to Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) in Ronneby at Folkuniversitetet. Read more about our approach to SFI, our flexible class options and how you can apply today.

Learn Swedish through SFI at Folkuniversitetet in Ronneby

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Folkuniversitetet has a long, established history of teaching SFI - Swedish for Immigrants. Our skilled and engaged SFI teachers will help you gain good knowledge of the Swedish language and Swedish society. Language instruction is a critical part of SFI, but it is just as important that you become familiar with living and working in Sweden. That is why you will learn much more than just words and grammar when you study SFI at Folkuniversitetet in Ronneby.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school and helping you feel at home in Sweden!

Reasons to study SFI at Folkuniversitetet in Ronneby

  • Study remotely through distance learning
  • Real-time, scheduled classes via Zoom
  • Access to digital learning material
  • Possibility to book individual, online tutoring with your teacher

SFI education that is right for you at Folkuniversitetet in Ronneby

We adapt our SFI instruction to you, your needs and your educational background, regardless of level. We will help you find a just-right class option and course level.

Requirements to study SFI at Folkuniversitetet in Ronneby

  • Be at least 16 years old; you can study SFI the year you turn 16
  • You need to live in or close by Ronneby to be eligible for SFI courses and to enroll at Ronneby SFI School.
  • Have a Swedish personal identity number (personnummer) or be an EU citizen with a coordination number (samordningsnummer)
  • Because all instruction is remote, you are required to have basic digital skills, access to a digital device (smart phone, tablet or computer) and a reliable WiFi/internet connection.

How to apply for SFI classes at Folkuniversitetet in Ronneby

Use the “apply” button to access the application form. Your application will be received by our administrator. We will contact you within two working days and give you more information. Within about 4 weeks, you will be ready to start studying SFI with us.

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Do you have a question about SFI? We are here to help you and can answer any questions, big or small.

Anna-Lena Bergman, anna-lena.bergman@folkuniversitetet.se
042-38 56 23