Welcome to Ronneby SFI School!

At Ronneby SFI School, our courses are adapted to your needs and designed for those who have studied at upper secondary school or college and university (study paths 2 and 3).

Learn Swedish at Ronneby SFI School, Folkuniversitetet


Distance learning

All SFI instruction is remote and takes place as real-time distance learning via internet.
We offer you:

  • Distance learning with scheduled classes
  • Access to our digital study materials and learning platform
  • Individual guidance and digital meetings with your teacher

Course requirements

You need to live in or close by Ronneby to be eligible for SFI courses and to enroll at Ronneby SFI School. Also, you must have a Swedish personal identity number (personnummer).

Because all instruction is remote, you are required to have basic digital skills, access to a digital device (smart phone, tablet or computer) and a reliable WiFi/internet connection.

Contact info
Anna-Lena Bergman, anna-lena.bergman@folkuniversitetet.se
042-38 56 23