Welcome to SFI Folkuniversitetet Helsingborg

Learn Swedish at SFI Folkuniversitetet Helsingborg! When you study Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) with us, you get more than just language lessons. You also learn about Swedish society and working life.

Welcome to SFI Folkuniversitetet Helsingborg

SFI is available in three course forms and at various times. We offer two different career-based paths with the possibility of extra job coaching and an internship through our trainee program. All courses are free.

SFI Folkuniversitetet Helsingborg offers these course forms for study paths 1,2 and 3:

  • 15 hours a week (morning or afternoons 9–12 or 13–16)
  • 30 hours a week (SFI plus a profession track, 9–12 and 13–16)
  • Flex (studies with flexible schedule, for you who work or study. All teaching is teacher-led, in our premises during the day or in the evening, alternatively as real time online lessons.)

SFI Folkuniversitetet Helsingborg also has career-based paths:

  • The service industry career path is for those who want to work with people in Sweden. This prepares you for working with sales, marketing and different kinds of service jobs in a shop or restaurant or at a hotel. 
  • The Day care/School career path prepares you for working with, for example, child-care, after-school centres, or as a teacher. 

On behalf of the city of Helsingborg, Folkuniversitetet in Helsingborg organizes teaching Swedish for Immigrants.

Location and contact info
Trädgårdsgatan 25 Helsingborg
042-38 56 23