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Work for Ukrainians is a free programme arranged by Folkuniversitetet for refugees from Ukraine who need support finding a job. The programme is funded by the European Social Fund.

Who’s the programme for?

It’s for people who have escaped to Sweden from the war in Ukraine. You must be at least 18 years old and need help finding a job, learning Swedish and adapting to Swedish society.

What’s in the programme?

It includes free individual coaching, mapping, language training, skills development, validation, self-leadership and wellness tips, as well as matching with employers.

How long does the programme last?

Up to 5 months. It’s adapted to each individual.

Where is the programme held?

It´s held at Folkuniversitetet in the centre of Kalmar.

When does the programme start?

You can start right away after making an registration.

What happens next?

You will receive an email with information about what day and time to start the programme.


  • Press the red button “Boka kursen nu" and click on "Use English booking form”.
  • Enter your personal details (name, address, email, mobile number).
  • Write LMA or TUT number in the box named: "Social security number".
  • Click "Next".

OBS! Den här kursen bokar du genom att ringa eller mejla oss. Du hittar kontaktuppgifter längre ner på sidan.

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