Swedish for Beginners, Intensive afternoon

Plats Trollhättan

You learn to cope with simple everyday situations such as to ask for the way and introduce yourself. After just a few lessons, you can say a few sentences in Swedish. The course is given in Trollhättan.

Boka kursen nu
Target group
Students with no previous knowledge of the Swedish language.

Group size
Maximum 10 students.

Aim of the course
To learn the basics of the Swedish language in everyday situations, for example greeting someone, ordering something, giving and asking for simple information.

Module 1 – Communication and function
  • simple ways of introducing yourself, greeting someone, shopping, going to a restaurant, talking on the phone, arranging a meeting etc.
  • classroom phrases, asking for information
  • describing your house/home, your family and your own country in simple terms
  • discussing and asking about everyday life in the present and past
  • numbers
  • the time, days of the week, dates, months, seasons.
  • reading simple texts and dialogues.
  • filling in a form that asks for personal information (first name, last name, address, age etc.)
  • information about Sweden and Swedish culture

Teaching Methodology
The main focus is on oral communication and the teaching is in Swedish from the beginning.


Our teachers are well-qualified and experienced. They teach exclusively in Swedish.

Course literature

Books are not included in the price. The books you need on the course will be announced in the invitation letter.

After this course you can continue to the next level, A2, either by doing another intensive daytime course or an evening course.

To register for a course
Go to "BOKA KURSEN NU" , there you can choose an application form in Swedish or in English. If you do not have a Swedish "personal number", please use the English form.

All courses start only if a minimum number of people sign up.


Ulla Gustafson

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25 feb 2020 - 09 apr 2020
Ti 16:00 - 18:30
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