Personal data, GDPR

Folkuniversitetet processes personal data in order to fulfil its obligations and commitments to customers, students, authorities and other stakeholders. The data is also used for statistical purposes, for development and analysis of the Folkuniversitetet business and to be able to provide a satisfactory level of service.

As soon as personal data is managed it is referred to as the personal data being processed. which includes data being collected, recorded, stored, amended or deleted. The processing of personal data is based on the fundamental principles of the GDPR, which in short means that we always inform data subjects about the processing of personal data, that we have a clear purpose for the processing, that we only collect the specific data we need to achieve the purpose and that we delete the data when it is no longer needed. Only those who need to access the data in their work will have access to it and we protect the personal data using various security measures.

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