What can we help you with and how can you get in touch with us?

A request for a register extract, and other requests regarding your personal data, is made by contacting one of our head offices.

You will need to verify your identity. After the application has been received, processing normally takes a maximum of one month.

Questions and comments

If you have other questions and comments regarding the management of your personal data, please contact the Data Protection Officer at Folkuniversitetet.

More about how Folkuniversitetet manages personal data

Information is one of the most important assets for Folkuniversitetet and in addition to the information that we own ourselves, we manage information on a daily basis that is owned by our stakeholders such as clients, suppliers and other partners. Folkuniversitetet endeavours to ensure that irrespective of the owner, all information is managed in a controlled, secure and structured manner in accordance with GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation or the Swedish Data Protection Regulations.

What are your rights as a data subject?

  • See your rights here

How is our work organised?
Data Protection Officer and Personal Data Coordinator

The regional foundation boards of Folkuniversitetet, the National Office (Förbundskansliet) and FSAB are responsible for the processing of personal data in their own operations.

Nationally, there is a Data Protection Officer who is the contact point between Folkuniversitetet and Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection. The Data Protection Officer is responsible for managing the duty to report within 72 hours in the event of data breaches concerning personal data.

Our five foundations have regional personal data coordinators.

Contact our Regional Head Offices