Korta vägen – an academic fast track into your field

Were you born outside of Sweden? Do you have a university degree or higher education? Do you want to start working as soon as possible? Take the Short Route (Korta vägen) and get on the fast track toward a professional job in your field.

Korta vägen is a tailor-made course that strongly increases your chances of employment and prepares you for any supplemental university studies. Let us help you get comfortable with Swedish, so you can get on with your career. 

What do you get from Korta vägen?

  • 26 weeks of full-time study
  • Mapping, assessment and a personal education plan
  • Coaching with in-depth career and educational guidance
  • Orientation to Swedish society and working life
  • Internship in a Swedish work place
  • Language lessons specific to your profession

Is Korta vägen right for you?

Korta vägen is designed for those who are registered with the Swedish Employment Office (Arbetsförmedlingen) and have an academic degree or at least two years of higher education. You are welcome to participate even if you have not completed Swedish for Immigrants (SFI). Korta vägen is a collaboration between universities, Arbetsförmedlingen and Folkuniversitetet.

How do you apply?

Contact your case manager at Arbetsförmedlingen to participate in Korta vägen at Folkuniversitetet. If you want more information, you can also contact us directly. Find your city below.

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