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Are you a member of an association or do you have a group of friends with a common interest? At Folkuniversitetet you can start a study circle or organize a cultural event and get assistance with your activities.

Start a Study Circle. Group of three discussing.

What is a Study Circle?

A study circle is a small group of people searching for knowledge and together creating something new. The purpose of the study circle is to give each participant an opportunity to develop as an individual.

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Lectures and Cultural Events

A cultural event takes place in front of an audience on one occasion and is given by one or several performers. Cultural events include music, dance or song performances. Lectures, film shows or art/photo exhibitions are other examples of cultural events. If you want to organize a cultural event together with Folkuniversitetet, we can provide compensation for costs associated with the activities.

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Support from Folkuniversitetet

If you want to start a study circle or organize a cultural event we can, in most cases, provide support with the following:

  • Administrative support
  • Development of your existing activities or new projects and ideas
  • Networking
  • In some instances, partial economic compensation for study materials and other costs associated with the study circle or cultural event, for example rental costs and expenses for lecturers.

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