DeTalks project aims at contributing to social inclusion of young immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers in two ways.

  • By developing an innovative art-based methodology for linguistic education through non verbal communication. 
  • By including in the linguistic training the local youth (especially the disadvantaged ones who are more at risk of radicalisation) in order to help them familiarising with the different cultures of the newcomers and to minimize the xenophobic feelings and attitudes.

DeTalks project combines the development of non verbal communication skills with the non formal learning environments of performing arts and media in order to attract young people of the target groups (immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and the locals).


  • Coordinator - Folkuniversitetet Kursverksamheten vid Lunds Universitetet (SWEDEN)
  • Synergeio mousikou theatrou astikimi kerdoskopiki etaireia (GREECE)
  • Roots & routes cologne ev (GERMANY)
  • Centro di creazione e cultura (ITALY)
  • Szubjektív értékek alapítvány (HUNGARY)
  • Stichting roots & routes (NETHERLANDS)
  • Les tetes de l'art (FRANCE)


September  2018 – August 2020 

The project is financed by Erasmus+ 2018-1-SE02-KA205-002121

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