The School 4 The Schools: An Effective Leadership in Challenging Times

The School for Schools is a project based on the idea of developing transferable educational leadership competence. Within this context, the S4S project objectives are:

- equip teachers with leadership competencies to ensure the transition for teachers and students from the educational process during the pandemic to the face-to-face school adapted to the new educational needs of the students;

- train teachers to apply educational leadership to resolve without fear critical situations that may arise during the exercise of their profession;

- enhance teachers’ actively participation as leaders in areas in which they can contribute to solving educational problems;

- strengthen school leadership to improve teaching and learning, eliminate gender disparities, and allow equal access to education for all vulnerable learners;

- provide mentoring for students;

- promote the digitalization of education as a solution for making the educational system more flexible.

The target groups of the project are:

Direct: high school teachers

Indirect 1: pupils aged 14-19 years

Indirect 2: Primary and secondary school teachers, head teachers and school staff in general.

Indirect 3: VET school teachers and few opportunities students in general.

Website: https://s4s.erasmus.site/