Capacity Building of Teachers for school education through school coaching approach

The project aims to develop a strategy of school coaching approach in view of preventing ESL; providing tools to schools and their teachers for the development of students' internal resources (Strengths, Weaknesses, opportunities, threats) and methods to maximize their ability to learn, acquire knowledge and skills, and develop methods to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning activities.

Project objectives:

- To activate the creative potential of teachers and improve the academic programe through school coaching tool

- Stimulate the desire of teachers to implement new methods and techniques, technologies in the work place

- Awareness of teachers and their knowledge of these topics will provide a clear understanding of how to deal with problems and difficulties faced by students and how to reduce the risk of ESL

- To provide tools and models for developing students' abilities what abilities in particular self-confidence, self-recognition, purposefulness, communication and cognitive skills etc.

- To improve cooperation between school, working life, family and the municipality by involving them in school education through the school coaching tool that will be developed in this project.

The main project target group is secondary schools, teachers from secondary school, school professionals, school leaders, school mentors.

Children with fewer opportunities, including students with disabilities and children with a migrant background, as well as students living in rural and remote areas, children facing socio-economic difficulties or any other potential source of discrimination based on sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age in this case will be the second target group. Age category of students 14-18 years.