Strengthening Employment and Education Skills for Integration - refugee, migrant and asylum seekers

Socio-economic integration is essential for refugees and humanitarian migrants long term employment stability, community participation and ultimately happiness in their new societies. However, socio-economic integration is difficult to achieve for a refugee and humanitarian migrant coming to Europe. In order to achieve socio-economic integration, an individual has to more than access public services, or gain entry into the Labour Market. SEESI project’s main objective is to resolve a fault to the socio-economic integration process through mobilising a unique 'Life(skills) before Language' (LBL) approach to the language barrier that refugees and migrants experience upon arrival in Europe.


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The 5th partner meeting took place in November via Zoom as COVID 19 restrictions are still in place.  The partner organisations are; ACH (UK)- leader of the project, Folkuniversitetet (Sweden), FISPE (France), Dimitra Education & Consulting (Greece), Rinova (UK), and Ballymun Job Centre Co-operative Society Limited (Ireland).

The focus of the meeting was the evaluation of the pilot training for the In-Community support workers. The training incorporated the IO3 handbooks and the IO4 Train the Trainer guide. The handbooks were developed by the lead partner ACH and contained information on various subjects including Civic Participation, Employment rights and Socio-Community. They have also been adapted and translated by the other project partners to contain country specific information. 

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