Silver Entrepreneurs

Empowering the silver-age population for entrepreneurial success

In today's world, age is not just a number but an accumulation of experiences, wisdom, and skills. Recognising this potential, the "Silver Entrepreneurs" project was initiated by Latvian, Swedish and Finnish partners. This transformative 30-month project aims to fortify individuals above 60 with the skills and self-confidence necessary for entrepreneurial endeavours, enhancing their socio-economic contribution.

Why Silver Entrepreneurs?

With an ageing population and workforce, societies face the challenge of ensuring that this demographic remains economically active and integrated. Rather than viewing our silver-age citizens as retired, this project envisions them as potential entrepreneurs who, with the right support, can contribute significantly to the economy and society.

Furthermore, research consistently underlines the numerous health benefits that come with staying active and engaged in continuous learning, especially for older adults. Engaging in new ventures, such as entrepreneurship, not only provides economic advantages but also contributes to cognitive stimulation, improved mental health, and an overall sense of purpose. By fostering an environment where our silver-age citizens can pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations, the Silver Entrepreneurs project is also indirectly promoting their well-being and longevity.

The success of this project not only benefits the participating seniors but also the partner organisations, training and business support entities, national and local authorities promoting entrepreneurship, and the broader Central Baltic regional economy.

Aims and content

The Swedish partner will recruit 20 eager seniors, aged 60+. This project seeks individuals with a burning passion for entrepreneurship, offering them the guidance, resources, and the international exposure they need to make their dreams a reality. Participants will enjoy local training sessions and coaching, and participate in one international workshop, either in Riga, Latvia, or in Tampere, Finland.

We anticipate language barriers for some of our senior participants, considering that some of the training material and the international workshops will be held in English. However, our team is fully committed to assisting and supporting these driven individuals.

The first local workshop will be held in Sweden in March-April 2024, and the first international workshop will be held in Latvia in May 2024. All activities are free of charge for the participants.

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For those in the 60+ age bracket, this is not merely an opportunity but a call to action. Whether you've always had a dream, a business idea or are just starting to consider entrepreneurship, the Silver Entrepreneurs project offers the perfect platform to embark on this journey.

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Let's rewrite the narrative of ageing and showcase that entrepreneurial spirit has no age limit!

Do you want to sign up as participant? Contact person: Tania Brown

Are you a stakeholder and want more information about the project? Contact person: Grethe Haugøy grethe.haugoy@outlook.

This the project is funded by the INTERREG Central Baltic programme.