Digital Empower Her

Enhancing the capacity of guidance practitioners to better support and empower low-skilled women from disadvantaged communities.

The DigitalEmpowerHer Project addresses the challenges around women’s inequality by enhancing the capacity of guidance practitioners to better support and empower low-skilled women from disadvantaged communities to access learning opportunities and employment. The motive also comes from the impact of COVID-19 on how people work. The increase in home working opportunities provides both a challenge and a chance to empower women to consider careers in the ICT sector. The Project aims to enhance the capacity of guidance practitioners to avail of this change and to empower women in turning points of their career, lone mothers, migrants, unemployed, in precarious employment, as well as self-employed women looking at sustainable independent living.

The main objectives are:

- To develop an adult guidance framework based on successful practices across Europe to better interpret and respond to the inclusion challenges faced by low skilled women from disadvantaged backgrounds, with specific focus and attention to digital competences required within the modern labour market, in order to support their empowerment and access to opportunities.

- To equip guidance practitioners to identify relevant competencies and update the guidance service provisions to the specific needs of targeted women based on their career and personal development paths, focusing on their digital literacy and potential in the digital sector, promoting innovation and best practices to address women’s upskilling and learning needs.

- To encourage adult women to be empowered, more resilient and become aware of their own competencies for the modern labour market, particularly in relation to digital, communication and interpersonal skills, by providing good and effective examples of virtual, innovative and interactive peer-to-peer learning methods.

- To improve and extend the supply of high-quality upskilling and learning opportunities for adult women, targeting their specific needs in respect to life and employment challenges, through easily accessible digital resources within the existent local services.