Business skills for youth in the creative and cultural industries sector

BuSYouth empowers young talent for success in the arts and culture sector!

The projects aspires to give to young people that are employed or wish to be employed as entrepreneurs in the creative sector and more specifically the Applied Arts, the necessary skills in order to surpass barriers and flourish in this sector. Young people especially in the creative sector tend to be self-employed rather than being employees in cultural and creative organisations. Nevertheless, they present a lot of basic skills gaps referring to entrepreneurship as to how to establish and sustain a business. This project will try to overcome the specific barriers and additionally, help them support and enhance their network.

The objectives of the BuSYouth project are:

- Identification of the main skills gaps and the key competence areas for young creative entrepreneurs

- Development of a training methodological framework that is combined from a modular training curriculum based on specific competencies

- Design and development of a blended learning programme based on specific competencies

- Development of an online assessment tool based on the competencies

- Development, co-ordination and monitoring of an e-platform with e-learning material and networking space

The project is ground-breaking, setting competencies for young creative entrepreneurs and creating a multilingual e-platform for learning material and networking. It employs innovative promotion techniques, including Email Marketing, SEO, and Social Media Marketing, to reach learners across Europe.

Here you can follow along project updates: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100093177242484