Introducing digitalisation for boosting SMEs in Tourism and Hospitality

Today >95% of travelers use digital resources in the course of their travel. Digitalisation is therefore one of the key megatrends determining the future of the tourism sector. For big companies in the sector digitalisation may be an everyday routine, however this is not the case for SME's, which are unarguably the core of success that led Europe on the top of the world as Tourism destination. In the project dTour, Folkuniversitetet along with 8 European partners from 5 different countries are seeking to train and certify agents that will promote digitalisation to boost SMEs, in Tourism and Hospitality, performance, namely dTour agents. The agents, could be people that have been already working in the Tourism and Hospitality sector, and would like to enhance their skills and employment opportunities. They could also be owners and operators of SME’s, that understand the need for digitalisation and would like to bring their own hospitality business to the new digital era. The project started in December 2020 and will continue until April 2023.