Active Cross-sectoral Cooperation for Educational and Social Success UP

A.C.C.E.S.S. UP project aims to improve the quality of preventive and intervention strategies against early school leaving in a systemic perspective, through the involvement of the players of the school community and territorial educational agencies.

1) expanded participation of parents of at-risk students through the Home Visiting Playbook (R1) which will allow teachers to approach them into their daily life contexts and mobilize them;
2) improved student reading proficiency as a prevention tool against ESL through the Digital Educational Game (R2);
3) Increased schools' ability to intercept types of ESL and dynamically assess students' risk based on balancing risk and protective factors, with the WebApp (R3);
4) increased the culture of quality in territorial actions to tackle ESL, with the QA_ESL System (R4). The TARGET GROUPS of the project are: students of the first two years of upper secondary schools; parents; teachers.

Website: https://projectaccess.eu/