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IELTS preparation course C1

IELTS preparation course C1

This is a preparation course for the IELTS test and is suitable for both the Academic and General Training modules. The course is designed for those who already have the required level to sit the test but need to work on the various techniques needed to achieve their required score.

What is IELTS?

IELTS (the International English Language Testing System) is designed to assess the language ability of those who need to study or work in an English speaking environment. The IELTS test is held on a regular basis at Folkuniversitetet Stockholm throughout the year.


To give yourself the best chance of getting a high score in the test, you should have a minimum of B2 level English. If you do not have this level, then you are recommended further study before taking this course. Please note this course is designed to prepare you for the test only, and not to improve your general level of English.


The aim of the course is to prepare you for what is expected in the test, and to teach you the strategies you will need to perform well in all parts of the test. The course is based on all the four modules of the test: speaking, writing, listening and reading which we introduce and practise both in class and at home.

Homework and assessment

Before the course begins, you will be asked to complete a writing task which you should bring with you to the first lesson. Homework will be set after every lesson. You should complete as much of this as you can, as private study is essential to progress during the course. You will also be encouraged to make use of reading and listening media available in English. Feedback will be given on homework and work done in class.

IELTS examination

The IELTS test is held every 2-3 weeks at Folkuniversitetet Stockholm at a cost of 2500 SEK. For more information about the test itself you should visit www.takeielts.org

Please note: Your enrolment on the IELTS course is not connected to your application for the test. This course needs a minimum of 6 students to start. If a course is cancelled due to a lack of enrolments, it will not be taken into account if you cancel or transfer your test application.



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4 nov 2019
27 nov 2019
Antal veckor
4 veckor
Tid kvar till startdatum:
13 dagar
Må 18:00 - 20:15
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8 st
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