Monisa made friends for life at SFI

Monisa Das, 24, came to Sweden with her husband 1.5 years ago. They moved from Bangladesh, their home country, when her husband got a job as a team leader at Ericsson in Lund. In Bangladesh, Monisa studied business administration with a specialization in banking and insurance.

– When I came to Sweden, I didn’t understand anything, Monisa says. It’s so difficult to move to a new country when you don’t know the language.

Monisa describes herself as a social person who loves to talk and spend time with people. She admits that at first she didn’t have any social interaction and felt lonely and depressed.

– But the first day at SFI changed my life — suddenly, I had friends from all over the world who were in the same situation as me.

What have you learned while at SFI?

– My journey at SFI in Lund has been lightning fast – from not knowing how to write my name to passing D-level Swedish. It took me about 10 months to learn Swedish. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to understand and speak Swedish with people.
It’s thanks to all the fantastic teachers at Folkuniversitetet that I have learned so much in such a short time. They’ve helped me to communicate with new people and connect with Swedish society. I see my mentor Jasmina not only as my teacher but also as a friend and sister.

What do you value the most about SFI?

I’m very grateful for all the social contacts I have gained through SFI. Before I started at SFI, I had no friends in Sweden. Now I have many friends from different backgrounds and cultures – it’s so valuable!

Why should people study SFI at Folkuniversitetet?

– If you live in a new country, it’s important to get to know the country and the language. I chose Folkuniversitetet to make my life easier in Sweden. The teachers at Folkuniversitetet are not only good at teaching Swedish – they’ve also helped me expand my network and get further on the road to finding a good job.

What are your best tips for learning Swedish?

  • Read and read and speak and speak in Swedish. Otherwise, it’s impossible to learn.
  • Remember to continuously expand your vocabulary.

What are your dreams for the future?

– I love Sweden and want to stay here. The culture and nature are fantastic. People are shy and introverted but at the same time so helpful and positive. Summer is wonderful, and I can accept winter. I want to continue learning Swedish. The plan is to study at Komvux or maybe Lund University. I have experience working in a bank in Bangladesh – so my dream is to get a job within banking or insurance in Sweden.

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