Welcome to Hvilan SFI School!

Learn Swedish in Lund. Hvilan SFI School in Lund gives you basic knowledge of the Swedish language so that you can participate in society, working life or further studies.

Welcome to Hvilan SFI school in Lund

Ways to study at Hvilan SFI School

We offer several ways to study SFI:

Kombo dag SFI: a mix of daytime, on-site classes and online work for those with good study habits and computer skills
SFI dag: on-site classes for three daytime hours every Monday-Friday
SFI kväll: on-site classes held two evenings a week
SFI distans: online classes for those with very good study habits and computer skills

Folkuniversitetet has extensive experience teaching SFI both in the classroom and at a distance. Our courses are flexible and adapted to your needs.