Eligibility and special prerequisites

Here you can read about what is required for you to be eligible for the programme, and what you can do if you don't fulfill the requirements.

Basic eligibility

For basic eligibility, you must have successfully completed upper secondary school (Swedish “gymnasium”) or the equivalent.

Eligible applicants for this programme are people who:

  1. have graduated from an upper secondary school or municipal adult education with an upper secondary qualification,
  2. possess a Swedish or foreign education equivalent to the eligibility requirement stated in 1,
  3. are a resident in Denmark, Finland, Iceland or Norway and are entitled to an equivalent education there, or
  4. due to a Swedish or international education, practical experience or for any other reason possess the prerequisites to successfully complete the programme.

Special prerequisites

Active participation in a skills testing day.

Applicants who fulfil the basic eligibility requirements are invited to a skills testing day. This takes place at the school, generally in the beginning of May; a selection of dates to choose from will be made available when the application window closes. The skills testing day consists of a practical woodworking assignment and a short interview. In order to advance to the final selection stage of the admissions process, you must actively have taken part in both the practical assignment and the interview.

Please note: applicants themselves are responsible for having made the necessary travel arrangements (including obtaining a visa, if required) for the skills testing day.


The formal language of the programme is Swedish and some formal documents (such as the programme curriculum and course syllabuses) are only available in Swedish. Also, the system language for the IT software used for admissions and programme administration is Swedish. However, if international students are admitted to the programme, teaching and information will be given in English.

If you do not fulfil the eligibility requirements

If an applicant lacks formal qualifications equivalent to the eligibility requirements an assessment of actual skills may be conducted. Applicants who wish to have their applications assessed in this way must select “Åberopa reell kompetens”. Additional information may be requested, such as professional references, courses or educational certificates, certificates for non-formal assignments and work samples. If the additional information does not fully verify eligibility, skills mapping can be carried out in dialogue with the applicant. This is then used to assess whether the required eligibility requirements have been met and, if necessary, the assessment can be supplemented with a test or similar procedure to verify the applicant's skills. The applicant can then be declared eligible in accordance if the eligibility requirements have been met.

If the eligibility requirements have not been fulfilled, the so-called 20 percent rule may be used to assess the applicant's ability to acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies required to successfully finish the programme and pursue the profession that the education is preparing them for. This assessment may be based on other criteria than the formal eligibility requirements. A maximum of 20 percent of applicants may be accepted to the programme in this way.

Contact us

You are welcome to contact us at skoladmin@folkuniversitetet.se or phone +46 8-789 42 00 if you have any questions regarding eligibility.