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Special prerequisites

Only basic eligibility is required.

Selection criteria and the selection process

If the number of eligible applicants exceeds the number of available programme places, all eligible applicants must undergo a selection process.

Special test

The selection process includes a special test in the form of an interview and a practical work test conducted at the school.

Actual skills

If an applicant lacks formal qualifications equivalent to the eligibility requirements in Chapter 3 Section 1 Paragraphs 1-3 and possibly Sections 2-3, an assessment of actual skills is conducted. If required, additional information may be requested from the applicant such as professional references, courses or educational certificates, certificates for non-formal assignments and work samples. If the additional information does not fully verify eligibility, skills mapping can be carried out in dialogue with the applicant. This is then used to assess whether the required eligibility requirements have been met and, if necessary, the assessment can be supplemented with a test or similar procedure to verify the applicant's skills. The applicant can then be declared eligible in accordance with Chapter 3, Section 1, Paragraph 4 and possibly Sections 2-3 if the eligibility requirements have been met.

If the eligibility requirements have not been fulfilled and if Chapter 3 Section 4 (the so-called 20 percent rule) has been used to assess the applicant's eligibility, eligibility may be assessed based on other criteria. These criteria are based on the assumption that the applicant will be able to assimilate the education and then pursue the profession that the education is preparing them for.

All applicants who have been declared eligible after an assessment of actual skills in accordance with Chapter 3, Section 1, Paragraph 4, and possibly Sections 2-4 will proceed to selection if the number of eligible applicants exceeds the number of programme places.

Programme start

The programme will start in August 2023.

You are welcome to contact us at or phone +46 8-789 42 00