Application for the next school year is open from January 17 to April 15. Welcome to apply!

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How to apply

Create an account at

Upload the required documents (proof of having graduated upper secondary school and a personal letter) and any other documents you wish to submit as proof of eligibility.

Submitted documents must be in Swedish or English. If you have a non-Swedish high school diploma we ask that you obtain a recognition statement from The Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) and submit that as well. Read more about recognition of foreign qualifications here and apply online here. If you are unable to obtain a recognition statement from UHR, we require that submitted documents are translated into Swedish or English by an authorized translator.

Documents may be scanned or photographed, but they must be sharp and clearly readable. Photographs must be uploaded in a jpg format.

What happens next?

First, we establish which applicants fulfil the requirements of basic eligibility. If necessary, applicants may be asked to complete their application.

Applicants who fulfil the basic eligibility requirements will be invited to a skills testing day consisting of a practical woodworking assignment and a short interview. This will take place at the school in Sweden at the beginning of May and dates will be made available for selection once we have closed the application window in mid-April. As there is not much time in between it is important that you make travel the necessary travel arrangements (including obtaining a visa, if necessary) in advance.

Taking part in the skills testing day is mandatory for eligibility, but there are no performance requirements other than actively having taken part. The results from the practical woodworking assignment and the interview determine the order in which applicants are accepted to the programme.

The remaining applicants are ranked based on the results from the skills testing day. The top 8 will be offered a place on the programme and the other eligible applicants are put on a list of reserves.

Applicants who are offered a place on the programme must accept within a given timeframe, otherwise the place will be offered to the next applicant on the list.

Applicants who are offered a place and choose to accept will be admitted to the programme and we look forward to welcoming you to school in August 2024.

Programme start

The programme will start in August 2023.