Introduction to the Modern Arab World

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This is an introduction to the Arabic speaking countries, identified as the Arab world. It presents an overview over the political, religious, cultural, economic, and historical factors that constitute the modern Arab world

About the course

The sessions are divided as follows: General discussion about a specific aspect that enables the flow of free dialogue about recent regional updates, followed by a deep dive into case studies of a specific country/ region with regards to the same aspect.

Some of the major topics:

  • 1. Religious Identity (religion - Islam): discussion about the continuous role of Islam in the formation of the regional identity.
  • 2. Linguistic identity (language - Arabic): discussion about the role of Arabic language in binding the region countries and peoples, and efforts for modernization of the language.
  • 3. Political situation (Regional politics): discussion about modern times politics in the region with a glance at relevant historical foundations.
  • 4. Regional International relations (non-Arab Middle Eastern countries and international powers): discussion about countries that are most influential in the modern Arab world.
  • 5. Cultural landscape (Cultural trends in the region): discussion about the cultural scene developments in the past years.
  • 6. Gender equality (women and gender developments in the region): discussion about the situation of women and other genders within the Arab region legal framework and societal tolerance.
  • 7. Economic state and future planning (economic trends and potentials of the region): discussion about the economy of the Arab world including current, traditional, and future trends.

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Kontakta Viktor Mandrik

09 jan 2023 - 20 feb 2023
Må 18:00 - 19:30
Regementsgatan 4, 21142 Malmö
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