Acting in English - Step 3

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This continuation course step 3 is based on the idea of workshops; helping to improve your skills in acting, speech and self confidence on stage and in real life.

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Acting Step 3 is the natural progression from level 2. In this workshop students put into practice all the techniques they have learned on practical theatre text and theatrical situation. Level 3 students will continue to gain extra training in voice and Physical acting and work on an actual text that can be performed or used in the future.

Following various ideas and theories of modern theatre we will give you the opportunity to enjoy step 3:

  • Acting technique.
  • Body expression and physical theatre.
  • Voice work.
  • Approach to text and character.
  • Improvisation.
  • Rehearsal for performance.
  • First approach to long scenes or play.


The course has a break in week 9.

Continuation possibilities
All of our acting courses offer continuing courses where you can further develop your skills. For exemple Acting – Showtime course, where the work is geared to production and to performing in front of an audience. It is also possible to take Step 3 course again since the courses never end up being identical with each other. Please talk to your course instructor if you are unsure of your level and how you should continue after this course. If you want to learn to sing, we provide courses to help you get started.


Samuele Caldognetto

Samuele undervisar både i italienska och teater på Folkuniversitetet sedan hösten 2009 och är mycket uppskattad av sina deltagare.

Samuele föddes i Milano och är uppvuxen i Italien där han har studerat teater vid universiteten i Florens och Milano. Han började utbilda sig till skådespelare med teatergruppen La Compagnia di Proteo. De följande åren började han studera regi och började arbeta som regiassistent i samma grupp. Samuele har arbetat med flertalet teaterproduktioner och som teaterlärare från 2002.

År 2001 regisserade han sin första pjäs, ”La calza idiota. År 2005 startade han kulturföreningen ”Isenzatetti” där han fortfarande är aktiv och för vilken han är konstnärlig ledare, regissör, skådespelare och scenograf. I tre år har han satt upp pjäser vid kända teatrar i Milano som t.ex. Don quijote & Donna quijota”,” Il buio oltre il sogno” och “Happy days” av Samuel Beckett. Samuele flyttade till Stockholm 2009 och bildade kort därefter den italienska teatergruppen TeaterPi, vars första pjäs La signorina Papillon spelades upp vid Teaterverket i juni 2010.

Samuele Caldognetto has taught both Italian and theatre at Folkuniversitetet since Autumn 2009 and is highly regarded by his students.

Samuele was born in Milan and grew up in Italy where he studied theatre at the universities of Florence and Milan. He trained as an actor with the theatre group La Compagnia di Proteo and then went on to study directing and began working as an assistant direct in the same group. Samuele has worked with several theatre productions and has been a theatre teacher since 2002.

In 2001 he directed his first play, "La Calza idiota". In 2005 he founded the cultural association "Isenzatetti" where he is still active and for which he is the artistic director, director, actor and set designer. For three years, he directed plays at famous theatres in Milan, among them "Don Quixote & Donna quijota "," Il buio oltre il sogno "and" Happy Days" by Samuel Beckett.
Samuele moved to Stockholm in 2009 and shortly after this founded the Italian theatre group TeaterPi, whose first play "La Signorina Papillon" was performed at Teaterverket in June 2010.

Samuele Caldognetto

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