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EVERYONE has the potential to act.

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With a focus on basic improvisation and drama exercises, as well as analysis of text, character development and how to unblock the body, senses and imagination, this course will teach you ways to develop a range of skills essential to anyone interested in the stage.


To heighten self confidence as well as self and group awareness in a drama setting.

Target group

Beginners. As all classes will be held in English a sufficient knowledge of the language is required. Recommended minimum age is 18 years .

Course content

This course gives grounding in fundamental principles of acting. Throughout the course various tools will be introduced, discovered and developed. We will work continuously with:

  • Presence and Awareness
  • Body Language
  • Voice
  • Text Analysis
  • Interaction
  • Character Development

The course will also draw from our varied or mutual experiences within categories like gender, ethnicity, class and function.


Hugo Gama

Hugo Gama is an actor and stage director with a wide experience in teaching, directing introduction to theatre, interpretation, improvisation, mask and clowning courses, at public theatres, professional schools and universities.

Hugo was born in Portugal, in 1978. He did his studies at Coimbra and Lisbon universities and have learned The Acting Method with Marcia Haufrecht from Actor's Studio, Devising and Improvisation with Alexander Kelly from Third Angel and Mask with Mario Gonzalez from Théâtre du Soleil. He trained at the School of the Mask, where he became teacher and staging assistant. As an actor, he was directed by renowned stage directors, such as Paulo Castro, João Brites and Filipe Crawford, who inspired him through their approaches and methodologies.

In the scope of a master in Theatre Studies, at the University of Lisbon, Hugo developed a research about actor‘s training methodologies, namely the mask technique and actor's consciousness on stage. Currently, he is enrolled in a PHD programme focused on collaborative theatre and the new writings on the contemporary scene. He staged the plays Ecos (winner of the Lisbon Annual Theatre Academic Festival, in 2017) and Espectros (audience award and an honourable mention, in 2018).

In his classes he adapts the methodology to the group with whom he works, listening to everyone and taking into account their proposals, ideas and expectations.



Hugo Gama

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