Karolinska Institutet Swedish courses

Folkuniversitetet is offering courses in Swedish for students, postdocs and staff members at Karolinska Institutet.

Person som läser på företagsutbildning.

Course eligibility

The courses in Swedish are available to the following categories:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s students enrolled at Karolinska Institutet. Karolinska Institutet will pay one course fee for the participant (admission decision or Ladok transcript required)
  • PhD students enrolled at Karolinska Institutet. Karolinska Institutet will pay one course fee for the participant (admission decision or Ladok transcript needed)
  • Exchange students, enrolled for courses and studying at KI for a minimum period of eight weeks are to check eligibility for a complimentary course with their international coordinators. 
  • Postdocs at Karolinska Institutet. Karolinska Institutet will pay one course fee for the participant
  • Staff members – paid for by respective KI departments (please provide the ZZ code)
  • Other participants from Karolinska Institutet are charged a course fee of 1863 SEK including VAT.
    Students and postdocs interested in courses in addition to the complimentary course are welcome to join but the course fee has to be paid by the individual (only one course fee will be paid by Karolinska Institutet) 

If you intend to take up Karolinska Institutet’s offer of one course free of charge, please choose the option ”Company pays”/”Företaget betalar” in Step 2 of your registration.  
Company name: Karolinska Institutet, Avrop ramavtal 
Company registration number: 202100-2973
Your reference:
Students and postdocs: fill in the name of the person at Karolinska Institutet who is responsible for paying your course fee.
Staff members: fill in a ZZ-code.
Billing address:
Box 23109
Postal code: 10435
City: Stockholm
E-mail: ki-fakturor@ki.se
Mobile number: +46852480000

Please note that the complimentary course offer does not apply to:

  • Visiting PhD students*
  • Exchange students that will be enrolled at KI for less than 8 weeks and/or are not enrolled to take courses at KI*
  • If your native language is Norwegian or Danish*

* If one of the above is applicable to you and you would like to study Swedish in a group with other students/staff members from KI, you will have to pay for the course yourself.

For more instructions:Learn Swedish | Medarbetare (ki.se)Swedish courses for new students | Karolinska Institutet Utbildning (ki.se) 


Read more about levels here.

Language test

Online language test. Test your skills in Swedish to find out your level.

Course material

A-levels: Rivstart A1+A2, Textbok (3rd Edition)
B-levels: Rivstart B1+B2, Textbok (2nd Edition)

The book is included and can be loaned from Folkuniversitetet.
You need to create an account (”Privat”) at www.nok.se to access the digital exercises before the first lesson. Registration is free of charge.

Getting started with extramaterial

Course format

One evening a week for ten weeks. Some courses two evenings a week for five weeks.

Course location

Classroom courses: Folkuniversitetet Holländargatan 38, T-bana Rådmansgatan or Odenplan.

Online courses: Zoom

Important information

  • Who is eligible for the courses?
    Please ensure that you read the information at the top of the page regarding who is eligible to take these Swedish courses at Folkuniversitetet.
  • Study allowance from Karolinska Institutet
    Please contact the administrator at your KI department about your upcoming course in Swedish. Ensure that you have been given permission to study at Folkuniversitetet and that your department will pay for the course.
    You need to fill in the name of the person at Karolinska Institutet who is responsible for paying your course fee (if you do not intend to pay for the course yourself). Staff members need to fill in the ZZ-code.
  • Cancellation
    If you need to cancel a course that you have registered for, you must do it before the course starts.
    An invoice is sent to Karolinska Institutet or you personally even if you attend only once. If you cannot attend your course for a short period due to work or illness, contact your teacher to see what you can do to catch up with the progress of the rest of the group.
  • Reserve list
    If your chosen course is already full, we can put you on the reserve list. If a place becomes available, you will be notified and offered the place.
  • First lesson
    If you have enrolled on a course but cannot attend the first lesson and fail to inform us of your absence, your place on the course will be forfeited to a student on the reserve list.

Spring 2024

All courses have started.

Autumn 2024

The course program will be published in June and registration will open simultaneously. The courses will start in September.

Individual tuition (1-1)

Folkuniversitetet’s agreement with Karolinska Institutet also provides for individual tuition (1-1 lessons) as required by KI. Talk to your department about the possibility of individual tuition.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us: