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Acting in English - step 2

Acting in English - step 2

Theatre courses in English in Stockholm are very few. Folkuniversitetet is proud to be able to offer courses for those who wish to develop their performing skills in English - a thorough, practical introduction to acting in a fun and supportive atmosphere.


Prerequisite skills

This course is suitable for students who have already completed the beginners course or students who already have some drama experience and a strong commitment to continue making progress.

Course description

In the continuation course we dive deeper into the world of acting and drama. Having already created a solid base for our voices and bodies, we now continue with more advanced exercises and more advanced improvisations. We explore different ways to interact with each other depending on status and different characteristics. We find the playfulness and fun in performing through improvisation. And for those who want, we work on a scene, a monologue or a dialogue.

The course will also be valuable for developing life skills, irrespective of whether you want to pursue acting in a sustained way, amateur or professional. Just the simple act of getting up in front of people each week and trying out something new teaches you a lot about yourself and how you relate to people, and hopefully enables you to strengthen those areas you feel are weak and re-discover talents that have been asleep for a while.


The goal of the course is for students to experience and discover a living awareness of the human body and voice as expressive instruments, the joy of working in a group and the strength that comes from discovering new things about yourself.


The course takes place on Wednesdays except during the last week when there are two occasions on Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th of May.

Continuation possibilities

All of our acting courses offer continuing courses where you can further develop your skills. It is also possible to take this course again since the courses never end up being identical to each other.


Rune Jakobsson Rune Jakobsson jobbar som frilansande skådespelare och teaterlärare. Rune har jobbat med bland andra Månteatern i Lund, Teater DaCapo i Uppsala, Teater Martin Mutter i... Läs mer om Rune Jakobsson

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Kungstensgatan 45, 11359 STOCKHOLM
8 maj 2019
29 maj 2019
Antal veckor
5 veckor
Tid kvar till startdatum:
12 dagar
Ti 18:00 - 21:00
On 18:00 - 21:00
(En studietimme är 45 minuter)
5 st
Arr nr.
Platser kvar
1 950 kr

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