Welcome to Malmö SFI School

By studying SFI (Swedish for Immigrants) at Malmö SFI School (Malmö sfi-skola), you learn the Swedish language and gain valuable knowledge about culture and society in Sweden. The courses are adapted to your level and your years of education. You have the right to choose your SFI school. At Malmö SFI School, you’ll gain lifelong knowledge and friends for life!

Welcome to Malmö SFI School/Malmö sfi-skola

Why should I choose Malmö SFI School?

All our teachers speak Swedish right from the start, and you train your language skills throughout the school day. We often work with digital methods, which is why it’s good if you have some computer skills.

Our teaching is individualized, which means you follow a custom study plan and have personal progress check-ins continuously. We follow the Swedish National Agency for Education’s syllabus for SFI.

What are the SFI study options at Malmö SFI school?

There are three SFI study options at Malmö SFI school. The study option you can take depends on various factors like your schedule, language level, years of education/previous studies, computer skills and more.

We set high demands on attendance, and you’re expected to participate in on-site classes and be able to study via Google Classroom.

Where is Malmö SFI School?

Malmö SFI School is located in Folkuniversitetet’s bright, modern space in Västra Hamnen on the third floor of Propellergatan 1. You can easily reach us by bus from the Central Station – bus number 2 (Kockum Fritid stop) or bus number 3 (Propellergatan or Kockum Fritid stops).