Try a lesson for free in Swedish through Skype!

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Do you want to learn Swedish from the beginning? We offer you a lot of different levels in Swedish through Skype during daytime and evenings. Do you want to try one lesson for free? Just fill in the form and we will contact you for a test lesson.

Boka kursen nu

Are you curiuos about Sweden and the Swedish language? We will help you try one lesson (30 minutes) for free. You choose the day and time in agreement with us and the teacher for your test lesson. You only need a laptop or Ipad or you can use your mobile phone

Who can join the course?

If you want individual tuition in the language or a group course - it doesn´t matter - your level can range from beginners to very advanced.


Goals are set based on your needs. We do a need analysis before teaching starts.

Course Content

The content is based on the needs analysis

  • Pronunciation
  • Grammar
  • Listening comprehension
  • Confidence in speaking Swedish
  • Vocabulary of your interest
  • Learning about Swedish culture

Education form

While you are speaking the teacher will send you written corrections and suggested vocabulary when needed. The immediate feedback corrects and develops your speach process while your thoughts are still fresh. Since our classes are taught online you are able to take your lessons at the office, at home or anywhere you have access to Internet.

Other information

Please download Skype private version and not business, (downloaded from link below). Please also test that everything works before the course starts. And during the course, please make sure that you are alone in the room.

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