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Develop your Swedish. Swedish A2 is fast paced and taught in Swedish. You will work on your vocabulary, grammar and communicative skills. This course is online.

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About the course

The course is for those who understand short phrases and instructions used in specific situations. You can interact using basic expressions. In Swedish A2, you continue to build your knowledge in Swedish so that you can understand and be understood in more everyday situations.

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Course Content

During the course, we work with conversation, pronunciation and understanding. You develop your writing skills and your reading comprehension. You also get an insight into Swedish culture and Swedish society.

Examples of course content:
  • Expressing opinions with simple phrases
  • Phone calls: giving and receiving information
  • Words for body parts and describing how you feel
  • Giving and asking for advice
  • Simple descriptions and comparisons
  • Expressing past, present and future
  • Word Order

Work Methods

Swedish A2 is fast paced and is taught in Swedish. The course content and work methods will be adapted to the needs and wishes of the group. You are expected to be active during the course. You will have homework between lessons. Our experienced trainers are Swedish native speakers. The trainers vary the teaching and create a pleasant and supportive learning environment. The group is small between 8 and 12 participants.


Our course book, Rivstart A1+A2, is up-to-date and also has digital material. In this course we work through chapters 11-20.

When will the course start?

The Start Date is preliminary. Courses start with at least 8 participants.

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