Swedish A1 part 2 - Online live

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This is the second course on beginner's level. The aim is to be able to understand others, and make yourself understood, in everyday situations.

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Adaptation of the course due to Covid-19

We plan to give this course as usual on site in the classroom. Depending on what the recommendations look like at the start of the course, or during the course, it may, however, be given as a distance class instead. In that case, the course will have the same structure as if it had been given in a classroom, with lessons on the same day and time, but instead of being seen physically, you will meet in a digital classroom.

Who is the course for?

This is a course for you who have completed course A1 part 1, have studied at least 30 hours of Swedish or have the equivalent knowledge.


  • To be able to take part in a very simple conversation based on given phrases
  • To be able to express opinions in a very simple way based on given phrases
  • To be able to use simple words to describe and compare, e.g. compare your own country with Sweden
  • To be able to understand most of a very simple and slow dialogue about a familiar topic
  • To be able to write a short text, e.g. an e-mail, using a given template
  • To be acquainted with some facts about Sweden
  • Content

    • Descriptions and comparisons
    • Simple discussions
    • Writing simple texts
    • More basic grammar
    • Vocabulary and phrases: food, directions, tourism, the weather, geography, computers and the Internet, describing people
    • Information about Sweden

    Course format

    36 teaching hours of 45 minutes each. The course is given twice a week for six weeks.

    Student discount

    If you are a student (not PhD student) at a Swedish university or college, we give you a 20 % discount on the course fee. Let us know if you are a student in your application. To get the discount, you need to send a picture of your student id (valid during the course period). We do not pay the discount back if you have already paid by credit card.


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