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Are you on parental leave and wish to learn Swedish from a beginner's level? This online course on Zoom is for you!

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To register for this course, you must be living in Sweden and have a Swedish social security number ("personnummer"). You can only book ONE free course at Folkuniversitetet during 2022.

Who can take this course?

This course is for people on parental leave, mainly women, who need to learn Swedish, but who find it difficult to participate in Swedish teaching because they are at home with small children children (0-9 years old).


The course is held for those who are completely beginners in Swedish or just know a few words and phrases. If you have studied a bit more Swedish, we also offer this course on level A2 (look for course ID number 1136214).

This course is free of charge as a special project funded by the Swedish government. If you don't meet the requirements, you are welcome to join a regular A1 beginners course with a course fee.

When registering for the course

State the age of your / your children so we can adapt the course to your parenting situation.

Course objectives

The goal is to be able to make yourself understood, and understand others, in different everyday situations at a very basic level.

Course content

In the course, you get to talk about life in Sweden, working life, the parenting role and what it is like to be a parent in Sweden. We practice a lot of conversation and pronunciation.

You will read dialogues and shorter texts, practice understanding spoken Swedish and write simpler Swedish. The course is based on the grammatical basics, but the focus is on being able to talk in everyday life - with the teacher in school and preschool, when going to the store and in other situationes you meet every day.

Teaching method

The teaching is in Swedish right from the start.

You are expected to actively participate in the lessons. You need to spend a couple of hours on homework before each lesson.

The course is online on Zoom or similar. You can sit at home and take part in the course - all you need is a computer, iPad or mobile with internet connection, a microphone and a webcam. This means you will be able to see the teacher and fellow students on your screen, and the teacher can also divide the group into smaller groups so that you collaborate with only 2-3 class mates at a time.

Since this is a group for people on parental leave, we of course understand that your baby will need your attention for feeding etc and the teaching takes this into consideration.

Course literature

You do not need to buy any books for this course, the teacher will hand out digital course material during the course.

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