Svenska A1 del 1 (beginners)

Plats Trollhättan

The course is for beginners and is given in Trollhättan. You learn to cope with simple everyday situations such as to ask for the way and introduce yourself. After just a few sessions, you can say a few sentences in Swedish.

Boka kursen nu

Previous Knowledge

This is a course for those who have not study Swedish before.

After course

After the course, you will have a part of the knowledge of Swedish at level A1 according to the Council of Europe framework of reference for languages. When you have attained level A1, you can introduce yourself and ask others about their names and where they live, you can understand and use simple words and phrases relating to your needs or specific everyday situations. You can talk to someone who speaks slowly and clearly.

Course Content

During the course, we work with conversation, pronunciation and understanding. You take the first steps in reading and writing Swedish. You also get an insight into Swedish culture and Swedish society.

Examples of course content:
  • Greetings and small talk
  • Words and sentences so that you can describe yourself, your family and your work
  • Everyday situations: in store or in a restaurant/café
  • Alphabet and numbers
  • Weekdays and months
  • Directions
  • Introduction to Swedish grammar

The Course Concept

Teaching is done mainly in Swedish and focuses on oral communication. We start from practical situations and work with pair and group exercises, listening comprehension and conversation. You are expected to be active during the lessons and have a good chance to influence the course's content and layout. Expect a few hours of Homework between course lessons.

Course Literature

We use modern literature that includes exercises in all the language skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking. The course literature is not included in the price of the course. Information about the book you will use and where you can buy it is usually enclosed with the course confirmation.

To register for a course

Go to "BOKA KURSEN NU" (above/down in red), there you can choose an application form in Swedish or in English. There you can also read the conditions of registration. Please remember to state your Swedish Personal Number (or date of birth: 19xx-Month-Day) .

På svenska

Det här är en nybörjarkurs i Svenska. Du lär dig att klara enkla vardagssituationer som att fråga om vägen och presentera dig. Efter bara ett par kurstillfällen kan du säga några meningar på Svenska.


Det här är en kurs för dig som inte har läst svenska tidigare.


Eva Johansson

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Kontakta Folkuniversitetet Trollhättan. Tel: 0520 - 50 50 75

27 sep 2022
Ti 18:00 - 19:30
Garvaregatan 15, 46130 Trollhättan
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