SFI at Malmö SFI School, 25 hours per week, daytime

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This more intensive daytime study option is for those who have at least 13 years of formal education, are accustomed to studying and can study effectively for five hours per weekday.

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To be able to successfully keep up with this course, you must be goal-oriented, used to studying, have basic computer skills and able to take responsibility for your development. We work at a fast pace and use several digital aids and methods like the learning platform Google Classroom.

Register for Malmö SFI School

To register for Malmö SFI School, you must:

  • Be officially registered (folkbokförd) as living in Malmö municipality
  • Have a Swedish personal identity number
  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Have at least seven years of formal education and school experience from another country (than Sweden)

More information about registration

You can register for Malmö SFI School using the city of Malmö’s e-service. To use the e-service, you need:

  • A Swedish personal identity number
  • An e-mail address
  • E-legitimation (like BankID or MobiltBankID)

You can also apply by calling 040-34 32 00.

You have the right to personally choose your SFI school. If you want to study with us, you must actively register Malmö SFI School as your school of choice.

After you’ve registered for Malmö SFI school, we’ll contact you within one to two months. A teacher will assess your Swedish skills, and you’ll be placed in the course that suits you best.

Have a question? Contact us at malmosfiskola@folkuniversitetet.se.

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