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Free SFI programme at Folkuniversitetet in Lidköping for you who have fled the war in Ukraine. You learn Swedish and get the tools necessary to quickly move on to a job or further studies. The programme is financed by the European Social Fund.

We have now closed for further applications!

How many will be accepted to the course? We can accept 400 students and will call everyone in sequence.  

When will you be contacted? Our colleagues will contact you as soon as possible to give you more information. Otherwise you will be emailed about your status.

When will the course start? The week that starts with 6th of March will begin with an individual meeting and start up. You will also conduct a Swedish language test. Depending on how fast we finish all individual meetings we thereafter will start with the regular lessons. At latest this will start Monday 20th of March. 

What does SFI for Ukrainians provide?

At SFI for Ukrainians you learn Swedish for immigrants, also known as SFI. The programme puts individually adapted language training and an understanding of Swedish society first. Courses are based on your individual needs and provide you with the tools to participate actively in Swedish society and quickly move on to a job or further studies.

You will be given an individual study plan, and you will be assigned to a class based on your educational background, study experience and current level of Swedish. Grades will be provided if you complete your assigned course.

SFI for Ukrainians also include free individual coaching to help you find a job in the future, including mapping of your work history and educational background.

For whom and how?

If you are a refugee from Ukraine, aged 18 or over, who resides in Sweden and needs to improve your Swedish and become more socially integrated in the Swedish society you are welcome to attend the programme.

How is the programme scheduled?

The programme lasts for up to 6 months. The schedule is adapted to your other commitments, for example studies at other programmes or schools. It is also adapted to your home and work situation. Lessons are provided Mondays to Fridays between 09.00 and 16.00.

What about study materials?

Folkuniversitetet will provide your study material free of charge.

When can I register and start my studies?

You can register right now and start from March 1st. The programme will end on August 31st, so apply as soon as you can in order to learn as much as possible!


  • Press the red button "Boka kursen nu" below and then "Use the English booking form".
  • Enter your personal details and your coordination number (samordningsnummer) instead of social security number.
  • Click "Send".


If you have questions, please send an e-mail to sfu@folkuniversitetet.se

På svenska

Programmet SFI for Ukrainians är till för dig som har flytt från Ukraina till Sverige, är 18 år eller äldre och vill få hjälp att lära dig svenska genom sfi, hitta ett jobb och få ett socialt sammanhang. Större delen av programmet fokuserar på undervisning i svenska men du får också individuell coachning som hjälper dig att hitta ett arbete i framtiden. Går du klart din kurs kommer du att få betyg. SFI for Ukrainians erbjuds gratis av Folkuniversitetet på flera orter. Programmet finansieras av Europeiska socialfonden.

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6 mar 2023 - 6 mar 2023
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