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The Day care/School career path at SFI Folkuniversitetet in Helsingborg prepares you for working with, for example, child-care, after-school centres, or as a teacher.

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The preschool/school profession track at SFI Folkuniversitetet Helsingborg is for those who have worked or want to work in preschools and schools in Sweden.

Learn more about the job you want

In addition to Swedish for Immigrants (SFI), you study an upper secondary school course to develop your language skills and learn more about the job you want in the future.

There are many types of schools in Sweden, and this path helps anyone interested in a job as a teacher, teaching assistant or student assistant at preschool, compulsory school or upper secondary school levels.

Focus on your future

The track is primarily for those who have worked in schools, but experience is not necessary. The focus is on future employment in this industry and what it means to work in a preschool/school.

The education combines theory and practice. As part of your studies, you visit different school environments while meeting teachers and other school staff who share their work experiences. You also you learn more about what it is like to work in Sweden and the Swedish labor market.

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