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This is a course in Chinese language and culture for beginners. Note that the course is in English.

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Riksdagen har beslutat att tillföra studieförbunden medel för att erbjuda kompetensutveckling för vuxna, som påverkats av coronapandemin. Kursen är kostnadsfri, men du betalar eventuellt kursmaterial själv.


Kursen riktar sig till dig som blivit eller riskerar att bli korttidspermitterad, varslad eller arbetslös och som är mellan 18 och 64 år. Du får endast delta i en (1) av de kurser som vi erbjuder kostnadsfritt. Du kommer endast att registreras på den kurs du bokat först. För att anmäla dig måste du uppge svenskt personnummer alternativt EU/EES medborgarskap samt vara bosatt i Sverige.

Who is the course for?

This is a beginner’s course for you who have very little or no previous knowledge in Chinese and Chinese culture.


To learn to use and understand some everyday Chinese phrases and expressions, and to form basic sentences. At a practical level learn how to blend in at a Chinese social occasion, avoid embarrassing gaffes at important meetings, and to understand your Chinese colleagues and friends better.


  • common words and simple phrases
  • introducing yourself
  • asking simple questions and understanding simple answers
  • basic grammar
  • speaking and writing
  • explore the main Chinese festivals and traditions, their importance and origins
  • compare body language and non-verbal communication in China and Sweden
  • discover why Hollywood is obsessed with China
  • look at business etiquette and get tips on successful negotiating in a Chinese context
  • find out about Cultural differences within China
  • discover the overwhelming importance of food, and to a lesser extent drink, in Chinese culture – and learn the basics of Chinese cuisine
  • honestly answer any of those questions you were too shy to ask your Chinese colleagues and friends!
Perhaps most importantly – have you ever wondered what Chinese people find strange or difficult about life in Sweden and why? Here’s your chance to find out what the other side thinks!

Course format

Class once a week on Wednesday afternoon. Note that the last two classes are shorter than the first twelve. The language of instruction is English. However, the course is mainly in Chinese. You do not need to speak Swedish and will need a reasonable level of English to take part in this course. Focus is on oral communication: speaking in smaller groups or pairs and listening. You need to take active part in classes, and a few hours of homework between classes is to be expected.


Your teacher is a native Mandarin Chinese speaker, with a background in teaching and translating Chinese. She has worked across many business sectors including the movie industry where she was China casting director for several Hollywood films. During this time, she specialized in solving cultural misunderstandings between ‘western’ and Chinese partners. Her family runs a successful restaurant business in northeastern China. She speaks excellent English and, before moving to Sweden, lived for long periods in Ireland and Spain

Course literature

The course literature is not included in the price. You need to buy the material yourself. Information about what material is needed will be included in the notification.


Eventuellt kursmaterial betalas av dig som kursdeltagare.

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Kursen är kostnadsfri men du förbinder dig att fullfölja kursen om du inte avanmält dig senast en vecka före kursstart. Vi kommer att ta ut en avbokningsavgift på 500 kr om du inte deltar på minst hälften av kurstillfällena.

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Danrui Fang

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09 sep 2020 - 09 dec 2020
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