French for beginners - A1 part 1

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This is a beginners' course in French where the instruction languages are French and English. This course is for those who don't speak Swedish or for Swedish-speakers who want to test learning French in another language.

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This is a course for those with no prior knowledge of the French language.

Course goals

After the course you should should be able to make yourself understood and understand others in simple everyday situations, which are some of the skills mentioned for level A1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

About the course

In this course you will learn:

  • how to introduce yourself
  • how to ask simple questions and give simple answers
  • to speak and write in French about simple topics
  • basic grammar
  • regular words and simple phrases
  • about cultures and societies where French is spoken


We work on all language skills, but we focus on oral communication. The language used by our teacher is mainly French, however English will be used to make the introductions and to clarify. You are expected to actively participate during the lessons as well as during exercises in pairs and small groups. You will need to set aside a few hours of practice at home before each lesson following the introduction. We have a limit of 16 participants.

Note: No lesson in week 44 due to the autumn break (höstlov).


Your teacher has French as their first language and is a French as a second language (FLE) teacher.

Course literature

The course uses modern course literature that focuses on reading, listening, writing and speaking. You will receive further information about the course literature with the start notice you will receive one week ahead of start. The course literature is not included in the fee.


Do you need a different set up? Contact the course coordinator for questions or inquiries:
Lina Sandgren (course coordinator - languages)


Louise Patrouix

I'm very curious by nature, be it about subjects, practices, anything and everything. It is something very important for me and I like to encourage and support that attitude in my students.

I'm interested in teaching a language via its culture in the wide sense: pop culture, cinema, sports, theater, arts. That's the interesting part about learning a new language in my opinion: access to its life and culture! In my course focus is brought to talking and expressing ideas while learning the language's structure. My strength is trying to adapt to each student and sharing her interests and encouraging you to share yours.

I have a teaching French as a Foreign Language (FFL) certification from Université de Liège (BE) as well as a bachelor in Culture and Media Studies (FR) and a master in Gender Studies (SE). When I’m not teaching at Folkuniversitetet, I am an artist and studying Curatorial practices at university.

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16 sep 2024 - 11 nov 2024
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