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Acting is about expressing thoughts and emotions in a way that can affect other people. It involves communication and empathy. Who among us has not desired to express themselves more effectively?

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Through learning to act out characters and scenarios it can be discovered how the way words used, body language and tone of voice can entirely change the perception of oneself.

Who is this course for?

As a beginner course this is designed to be an interactive experience to use drama to improve language and communication abilities. Regardless of whether the desire to act is out of serious interest or for enjoyment, this course can provide an opportunity to practise speaking English in a fun and relaxed environment and feel more comfortable owning personal space in any business or social setting.

Course objectives and content

The goal of this course is for the students to be able to learn awareness of their voice and presence whilst developing confidence in themselves and their English. To appreciate the benefits of learning and working within a group and how stories and narratives are how we express our own lives to ourselves and others.
- Improvisation: An introduction to improvisation, how to use English in a natural and relatable way.
- Comprehension: Reading from a text and using scripts to understand the author's intentions and to express the character's feelings and motivations.
- Performance: Building confidence in how to project your presence upon a physical space, use your voice effectively and communicate different moods and motivations.
- Interactive Collaboration: An on-going project in which we take a familiar story and adapt it to a personalised interpretation with a fresh setting.

'Speech and Drama in English' is a series of workshops that use drama to improve language and communication skills, focusing on using imaginative stories and folktales to explore character, place and meaning. We will cover the basic physical elements of performance such as breathing techniques and physical awareness, necessary to perform at ease in any public speaking setting. There will be fun activities with improvisation, teaching the basic techniques and encouraging creativity and how to express yourself in English in a variety of situations. We will explore the different narratives and unique elements of English-speaking cultures and how they compare to your own. Also included are various exercises with texts and scripts, developing abilities to comprehend tone and intention from the written word and interactive activities to demonstrate the joy and benefits of collaboration and working within a group. The culmination of which is a final rendition of a project in creating our own unique performance piece.


Nicholas Carey

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01 okt 2021
Fr 16:30 - 18:00
Smedjegatan 9-11, 72213 Västerås
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