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Här finner du specialkurser i engelska som kurser för olika yrkesgrupper, intensivkurser och kurser på udda tider.

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Why individual studies?
The most efficient way to learn a foreign language is often to do it privately with a teacher. Folkuniversitetet offer, in addition to its wide range of courses, individual tuition in many different languages.This study method is ideal for those who have difficulty having classes at the same time each week, and for those who want a more intense study pace.

With the choice of private tuition, you decide how many classes you want per week. We are flexible regarding times for the lessons and try to adapt to you as a customer. We also customize training for your profession making it possible for you quickly to use the language in your professional life. This is a very efficient way to practise just the areas you need to improve whatever level. Study, study pace and exercises will be tailored according to your work situation.

Our teachers are professional teachers with experience teaching adults. In language teaching knowledge of Swedish customs, norms and culture will also often be integrated.

We offer classrooms in central Västeras but its also possible to have the lessons at your workplace.

We start individual training programs ongoing throughout the year. If you are interested, please contact us at 021-15 36 00 or anna-karin.mendenhall@folkuniversitetet.se

You can also click on the book button to the right and fill in your contact details and we will contact you. No purchase demands.

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