English in the Summer B2/C1

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Our English summer courses at Folkuniversitetet, Stockholm are a great way to improve your English language skills and meet new people. We focus on communication in a friendly and relaxed environment

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Course objectives and content

The objectives of the English in theSummer - B2/C1 course are:

  • to develop your vocabulary so you can give clear descriptions and express ideas on a variety of topics without too much hesitation
  • to help you develop your fluency and give you practice through conversation so you feel more confident when speaking English on a range of subjects.
  • to improve your grammar, through theory and practice
  • to improve your writing skills to produce more accurate, organised texts related to your interests
  • to improve your speaking skills through various activities and realistic and interesting discussions.

Who is this course for?

Students who have achieved B1+/B2 and want to reach B2+/C1. If you are unsure of your level, do our language level test first.

Working methods

  • We work on all four skills in class but our focus is on verbal communication.
  • You attend class online, four mornings a week, for two weeks.
  • The course is taught exclusively in English by teachers who have English as a native language or the equivalent level.
  • Class size is between 6-15 students
  • You will be working in pairs or small groups with classmates and taking an active part in lessons. Speaking to each other in English is an important part of practice.
  • You will be given homework for further practice throughout the course.

Course material

You will be given information about course material in the first lesson as it is important to be at the right level before buying books. Please note course material is not included in the course fee. The teacher will also use supplementary materials according to the wishes and needs of the group


Language Level Test

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5 aug 2024 - 15 aug 2024
Måndag, Tisdag, Onsdag, Torsdag
Antal tillfällen
Första tillfället
mån 5 aug 2024 kl 09:30-11:45
  • tis 6 aug 2024 kl 09:30 - 11:45
  • ons 7 aug 2024 kl 09:30 - 11:45
  • tor 8 aug 2024 kl 09:30 - 11:45
  • mån 12 aug 2024 kl 09:30 - 11:45
  • tis 13 aug 2024 kl 09:30 - 11:45
  • ons 14 aug 2024 kl 09:30 - 11:45
  • tor 15 aug 2024 kl 09:30 - 11:45
Kungstensgatan 45, 11359 STOCKHOLM
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