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Do you enjoy reading? Do you want to feel more confident when speaking English? We read an English language novel over several weeks and practise discussing different topics based on what we are reading.

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Help expand your vocabulary and improve your accuracy with the rich world of books. Lessons are held online via Teams.

Who is this online course for?

This course is for students who are already at B1/B2 level but feel they need to improve their speaking skills and confidence.

Aims of the course

- to develop your range of vocabulary through a variety of themes and topics.
- to teach you how to avoid common mistakes at your level so that you speak more accurately and correctly.
- to improve your ability to participate more naturally and fluently in conversation and discussions.

Working methods

- The course is taught exclusively in English by a teacher who has English as a native language.
- Class size is between 3-8 students.
- Discussion will be as a group.
- You will be assigned a section of the book to read every week.

Course material

The teacher will inform you about the assigned book before the beginning of the first lesson in order for you to purchase or loan a copy.


Nick Carey has recently moved to Sweden from his native Adelaide, Australia's 5th largest city, where he has spent 10 years teaching in schools. He has worked as a customer service leader and musician amongst other things. He has studied Instrumental Performance at the Australian National University. Nick is also interested music, the arts, guitar and writing. Nick's ambition is to create educational, motivating and entertaining lessons with a unique perspective on English-speaking culture.


Nicholas Carey

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22 sep 2022 - 27 okt 2022
To 19:00 - 19:45
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