English A1 cont. - 12 weeks

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Nybörjarkurser i engelska för dig som aldrig tidigare studerat engelska eller bara kan lite. Kurserna går en dag i veckan.

Boka kursen nu

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Vänligen observera att vi arbetar med målnivåer. Denna kurs passar dig som har redan gått A1 Beginners kursen.


Att utveckla alla de fyra språkfärdigheterna (läsa, höra, skriva, tala) samt grammatiska kunskaper. Extra fokus ligger på kommunikation och vi arbetar för du ska kunna använda språket praktiskt i meningsfulla sammanhang.


Vi övar språkfärdigheterna på olika sätt och strävar efter:

  • att förbättra din förmåga att prata genom olika aktiviteter och realistiska dialoger
  • att utöka dina grammatiska kunskaper
  • att utöka ditt aktiva ordförråd
  • att förbättra din hörförståelse
  • att förbättra din läsförståelse
  • att ge viss inblick i kultur och seder i engelskspråkiga länder


Undervisningen sker på engelska och deltagarna är aktiva inom språket på lektionerna. Hemarbete tillkommer.


Please note that we work with goal levels. This course is for students aiming to further reach A2 level.


Teach you useful vocabulary and to practise speaking English so you can start, maintain and close simple face-to-face conversations about familiar topics and to make yourself understood in everyday situations. Improve your grammar so you can use simple structures correctly

Help you write simple texts such as notes, messages and private letters or emails and to write about your everyday life.

Help you understand everyday conversation and familiar written texts

Content and Working Methods

We practice all communication skills – speaking, reading, listening and writing Focus is on spoken communication Teaching is conducted in English. Students take an active part in lessons.

Practice in pairs or small groups is an important part of lessons so students get maximum use of the language. Students will be required to complete homework before every lesson.


Thomas Sutton

Hi! My name is Thomas Sutton. I'm from Australia, but I lived in Japan for 10 years, and have been living in here in Gothenburg for 8 years. I taught English in Japan for 10 years, in Australia for 1 year and have been teaching online on a platform called Italki for over a year, so all together I have 12 years teaching experience. I have taught students of every age and of every level.

I'm a fun and relaxed teacher, but I am also very clear and focussed on how students can improve. I use real-world material, grammar, listening and vocabulary exercises, and specific feedback on general conversation for my lessons. It's important to me to encourage students to speak as much as possible, and to have a lot of fun in the classroom.

I'm also a musician and have played concerts all over the world from The US to Japan and all over Europe. I'm a huge Star Wars fan and have my own podcast called 'Star Wars Fun For Everyone, Especially Me'.

Thomas Sutton är lärare i Dare to speak more English på Folkuniversitetet i Göteborg

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