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Are you taking the IELTS exam in the near future? The IELTS Crash Course will get you prepared. The course is addressed to candidates taking the Academic test and the required level is B2.

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The course focuses on how to prepare for the test regarding time frames, study techniques and other tips to help you feel more confident on the day of the test. We work mostly with the Writing and Reading tasks, however you will also get training in Speaking.

Before enrollment, please make sure you have B2 level in your English.

Lesson 1, Writing

There are two written tasks in this part of the test. We will look at both areas in some detail.

Task 1 requires you to write at least 150 words and task 2 at least 250 words. 60 minutes is the total time. We will focus on time and how best to use it.

We will look at writing styles and opening and closing arguments etc. You will have the opportunity to do an in class test, which will be graded. You will also be given written assignments for next class.

Lesson 2, Writing and Reading

Feedback will be given on the completed homework, both individually and in the whole group. General grammatical errors, phrases and expressions etc. which have been incorrectly used will be covered. You will get two new writing assignments for next class.

Reading consists of three parts with 40 questions to answer. You will be given various texts and tests in class. We will also talk about how to maximize your time.

Lesson 3, Writing and Speaking

Feedback will be given on all written homework.

Speaking. There are three tasks in Speaking. We will practice all three tasks, using pair work, and individual presentations.

Our teachers

All our teachers have English as their mother tongue. They are well-qualified and experienced in teaching English as a Foreign Language to adults.


John Raymond Fortescue

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01 jun 2020 - 08 jun 2020
Må 13:00 - 15:15
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