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This is a workshop for those who want to learn how to make their own shampoo detergent bars. These bars are a solid shampoo detergent where you will use only high-quality, raw ingredients.

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This course is taught in English. Our teacher understands Swedish and will be able to answer questions in Swedish.

Course content

  • how to make Shampoo bars from a gentle surfactant and organic ingredients
  • how to use different natural and organic ingredients to fit your personal haircare needs

This is a hands-on workshop where you learn how to make shampoo detergent bars from scratch.

Making your own shampoo bars reduces packaging and is environmentally friendly. This is a great workshop for those looking for a way to live more sustainably and reduce waste.

Course disposition

You'll be guided step by step through the process of making shampoo bars that are gentle and suitable for your haircare needs. The shampoo recipes are well-tried by your course leader and ensure that your shampoo will have a long shelf life/use by date.

Your classroom will have all the necessary equipment. After the course, you'll receive your own printed recipe and get to take your 3 handmade shampoo bars home.


Cost for materials is included in the course fee. All ingredients and materials will be provided at the workshop,

Who’s the course for?

For anyone who wants to make environmentally friendly and homemade products with all-natural ingredients. The workshop will be held in English.

Book the course by clicking the red button Boka kursen nu. There is an option to choose a booking form in English.


Tiffany Komosa

"All workshops are hands-on learning experiences where you are guided step by step in the process of making your own body and home care products."

Tiffany Komosa has 8+ years of experience making organic soaps, cleaning products and skincare. 

Education experience: Tiffany previously worked as a trauma counselor with children and young women. Her work as a counselor included restorative therapy through hands-on activities such as gardening and soapmaking.

Who is the person: Tiffany, a Chicago native, moved to Sweden in 2014. Tiffany is a gardener who loves growing her own produce, foraging and creating recipes. Tiffany is passionate about living more sustainably and using what nature provides to care for our bodies and homes. 

Vision with learning: All workshops held by Tiffany are taught in English. Questions in Swedish are welcome. All workshops are hands-on learning experiences where you are guided step by step in the process of making your own body and home care products. In addition, you learn about the benefits of the raw ingredients you use and how to select ingredients to fit your personal skincare needs.

Tiffany Komosa

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7 dec 2023 - 7 dec 2023
Antal tillfällen
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tor 7 dec 2023 kl 17:00-20:00
Regementsgatan 4, 21142 MALMÖ
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