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What’s wrong with the 4th Floor in China? Why is food such a huge deal? Find the answers to these and many other questions in this short course on the fascinating world of Chinese culture!

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Note: The course is in English. You do not need to speak Swedish and will need a reasonable level of English to take part in this course.

Whether it’s prep for a business trip or holiday; because you have Chinese friends or colleagues; because you are simply curious about how one fifth of the world lives their daily lives – this is where your journey through Chinese culture begins!


At a practical level learn how to blend in at a Chinese social occasion, avoid embarrassing gaffes at important meetings, understand your Chinese friends better, learn to use and understand some everyday Chinese phrases and expressions.


In addition, we will…

  • explore the main Chinese festivals and traditions, their importance and origins
  • compare body language and non-verbal communication in China and Sweden
  • discover why Hollywood is obsessed with China
  • look at business etiquette and get tips on successful negotiating in a Chinese context
  • find out about Cultural differences within China - no, we are not all the same!
  • discover the overwhelming importance of food, and to a lesser extent drink, in Chinese culture – and learn the basics of Chinese cuisine
  • honestly answer any of those questions you were too shy to ask your Chinese friends!

Perhaps most importantly – have you ever wondered what Chinese people find strange or difficult about life in Sweden and why? Here’s your chance to find out what the other side thinks!


Your teacher is a native Mandarin Chinese speaker, with a background in teaching and translating Chinese. She has worked across many business sectors including the movie industry where she was China casting director for several Hollywood films. During this time she specialized in solving cultural misunderstandings between ‘western’ and Chinese partners. Her family runs a successful restaurant business in northeastern China. She speaks excellent English and, before moving to Sweden, lived for long periods in Ireland and Spain.

Course material

Bring material for taking notes. Your teacher will provide all other material needed.


Danrui Fang

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10 sep 2020 - 24 sep 2020
To 15:00 - 16:30
Bergsbrunnagatan 1, 75323 Uppsala
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