Watercolour and ink

Plats Malmö

A watercolour course in the centre of Malmö for you who want to explore the possibilities between watercolour and ink.

This course is in English, but our teacher understand Swedish and will be able to answer questions in Swedish.

Course content

  • textures and ink effects
  • the politics of form
  • between the micro and the macro world

This is an experimental course designed for you to find your own visual language that you feel comfortable with.

The intention is to try different brushes, tools and diverse techniques to explore a range of forms: for example natural forms, comic language and political matters.

During our sessions we will go through these steps:
  • explore the visual expression of ink mixed with watercolour
  • reflect about the politics of form by getting inspired by other artists and making drawings from different perspectives
  • play with the potentiality of ink to depict the natural world looking between the micro and the macro

In this workshop the protagonist is the participant. You will contribute with your own life experiences, images and everyday observations. This will be the raw material to experiment with watercolour and ink.

Who is the course for?

The course is for you that have some experience in watercolour painting.

The course is held in English.


Materials are not included in the course fee.

According to our environmental policy you are only allowed to use materials that doesn´t contain cadmium or solvents in our facilities.

Book the course by clicking the button Boka kursen nu. There is an option to choose a booking form in English.

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Helena Fernández-Cavada

Helena Fernández-Cavada has been working as a visual artist for more than a decade.

Helena Fernández-Cavada is a visual artist that lives and works in Malmö. She tries to draw every day in order to launch questions and play with them, a process that ranges from the conceptual nomadism to the questioning of established relationships.

For more than a decade she has develop projects focused on local contexts; during her creative processes a collection of drawings, images and texts are shaped to dialogue with the history making of that locality. She engages also in pedagogical processes and have guided beginners and professional artist to expand their point of view, encouraging them enthusiastically to go further in their own artistic process.

Fernández-Cavada completed in 2004 a Master in Fine Arts and Categories of the Modernity in Complutense University in Madrid. In 2015 Helena engages again with art research during a residency at Mejan Residents at the Royal Academy in Stockholm. She has exhibited widely both in Europe and the Americas.

Helena Fernandez Cavada Romero

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06 dec 2022 - 13 dec 2022
Ti 18:00 - 21:00
Regementsgatan 4, 21142 Malmö
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